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Katarina Jazbec SI

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Second Floor

I am a visual artist working in film and photography. I was born in 1991, Slovenia, and have been living in Rotterdam since 2015. I received my BA from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana (SI), and my MA in Photography from the AKV | St. Joost art academy in Breda (NL). I am using interdisciplinary and collaborative artistic strategies and tools, such as movement scores,reading groups, writing, and rituals, to question and expand the storytelling capacity of lens-based media. My work revolves around research questions that explore the vulnerability and agency of human and nature in the current economic system, various potentialities to imagine, embody and reflect upon living together in the increasingly divided world, and finally the non-institutionalised ways of knowing, especially those that are silent, abandoned or suppressed. Introducing fictional frameworks in an everyday context, I aim to amplify the invisible layers of reality and provoke its structures.

Having been affected by literary arts, both in constructive and destructive ways, I became wary of the way stories are told. Growing up in an environment where visible and invisible borders run everywhere, while having a background in economics, shaped my sensitivity for divisions in society. Responding to our complex times I search for new forms of storytelling that can carry a plurality of perspectives and worlds yet still feel accessible to different audiences. Such ‘bridging’ is carved in the DNA of my making process.

Open Studios 2023

  • Welcome to our annual Rijksakademie Open Studios. This year we have studio presentations by 48 artists, and alongside this, group presentations, collaborative projects, a film programme and a full programme of events, talks and performances. Together these show the extensive range of artistic propositions, positions, practices and ideas that are being developed at the Rijksakademie all year round.

    Our environment offers artists an expansive technical infrastructure and specialists that enables them to traverse different media, and gain intellectual input from artistic advisors and peers alike. This creates a unique site for artistic development and exchange, and a continual exploration of what art can be, do and mean from many different perspectives, forming new kinds of imaginaries, invention and engagement with matters at stake in the world today through practice.

    The artistic coordination of this Open Studios is in the hands of Metahaven, who are part of our group of artistic advisors. They have been in dialogue with the artists on the presentations.

  • There is no single unifying theme or frame to describe the work of the artists taking part in the 2023 Open Studios. There are proximities on the level of content, there are relationships between ways of being in an institution, and there are parallels in the usage of media and materialisation. Yet, what braids these resident artists together, in our view, is the sensibility they put to their work.

    At the 2023 Open Studios you will find art in the midst of its development, in the midst of its moment of becoming. Art that genuinely makes one feel, genuinely makes one think, genuinely makes one wonder. Art that is originating from many different experiences of, and ways of being in the world. The works are experiential on the one hand, and intimate on the other. Liveliness and joy, gravitas and determination abound, and oscillate.

    This year the studio presentations are joined by a group presentation, happening in two spaces. Many of the current resident artists share a work of theirs near a work of someone else. The baseline of this presentation was that all resident artists were invited to participate.

    The enthusiasm with which this group presentation came together says something about the conviviality shared by the residents, the organisation, and our fellow advisors.


    • Tickets: €10
    • Discount tickets: €5 (Student-, CJP-, or Amsterdam City Card – Blue Plaid)
    • Entrance free: Amsterdam City Card – Green Dot, Children aged up to 12 years

    Please bring your discount card with you to the entrance.

  • Please note: there will be no ticket sales at the door. Tickets can only be purchased online.

    If you would like to change or cancel your ticket, please reach out to openstudios@rijksakademie.nl

  • There is no cloakroom at the Rijksakademie. Handbags are allowed if they are smaller than A4. Unfortunately, there is no room for backpacks. A limited number of lockers is available at the entrance.

    It’s not allowed to bring food and drinks inside the building. There are different snacks and drinks available at the Rijksakademie courtyard, which you can enjoy there.

    Dogs are not allowed, with the exception of service dogs.

    For environmental reasons, we are not offering a printed map of the building. You can access our digital floor plan via the QR code that you can scan with your phone at the entrance. If you do prefer a printed version, you can download and print the map via our website (available from 31 May).

    This year artists are offering sound clips with short interviews. They can be accessed via the QR code on the artists' studio signs, by scanning the QR code with your phone. Do bring your earphones, if you would like to listen.

  • The Rijksakademie is located in the former Kavallerie-Kazerne, near the centre of Amsterdam. The building is situated next to the Muiderpoort, close to the Tropenmuseum and ARTIS and within easy reach of the NS stations.

    The Weesperplein Metro station is a 7-minute walk from the Rijksakademie. Tram 7, 14 and 19 stop in front of the door (Alexanderplein stop). Find more detailed directions at the bottom of our contact page.

    Please note that there is no possibility to park your car or bike on our premises.

    There is wheelchair access to the greater part of the building.

    If you need assistance during your visit, you can reach out to us at openstudios@rijksakademie.nl. We will then contact you about the possibilities of providing you with the appropriate support.

  • Important notice for people who will visit 2 June in the afternoon:

    It’s the 22 edition of KinderBeestFeest organised by ARTIS for children who a chronically ill. Therefor acces with public transport is limited between 16.00-18.00

    • Between 16:00 and 23:00, tram line 14 between Alexanderplein and Rembrandtplein will be diverted via Frederiksplein.
    • Between 16:00 and 23:00, Plantage Middenlaan, Plantage Kerklaan, Plantage Doklaan and Henri Polaklaan will be closed to all traffic, including cyclists.
    • Between 12.00 and 23.00, parking is prohibited on Plantage Middenlaan and Plantage Kerklaan. This parking ban concerns all parking spaces on both of these roads.


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  • All artist presentations are numbered from 1–48 and form a route throughout the building. Follow the signage, and you won't miss a studio.

  • During Open Studios several resident artists also present films and video work outside of their studios. They will be presented in the Open Studios Film Programme at The Cinema (C on the map).

    The comprehensive performance programme mainly takes place in the Performance Spaces (G and H on the map), and in the artist’s studios. A few resident artists present a talk. These will take place in our daylight studio (D on the map). You can find a daily schedule at the entrance and online.

    Recent guest residents, Julia Janssen, Aram Lee, Woong Yong Kim and Taiki Sakpisit will contribute to the film, performance and talks programme.

  • On the Saturdays and Sundays from 12.00 to 17.00 children between 4 and 12 years old can get creative in the Children’s Studio (J on the map), hosted by NDSM Kinderatelier. Admission is free.

  • On the Saturdays and Sunday you can join a guided art mediation tour. The tours will depart from the central entrance area every hour, on the hour, and take about 45 minutes. Admission is free.

  • In the Social Practice Workshop, several presentations from the Rijksakademie’s social practice workshop are on view (I on the map).

  • In the Book & Gift shop (A on the map), publications and multiples by residents and alumni are for sale. Also, art bookstore San Serriffe offers a selection of their stock.

  • During Open Studios, the Rijksakademie presents ‘The Venice Editions’, with new work by Rijksakademie alumni Monira Al Qadiri, Simnikiwe Buhlungu, Mire Lee, Janis Rafa and Müge Yilmaz who participated in the main exhibition of the 59th Venice Biennale: ‘The Milk of Dreams’.

    This is the second set of artist editions which recognises the presence of Rijksakademie alumni in the international art field. All proceeds benefit the Artist Endowment Fund, which continues to provide the working budgets of current resident artists. Curated by Aveline de Bruin, the works are on view on location B.

    Interested? Please contact us for more information: edition@rijksakademie.nl

  • Rijksakademie Open Studios kicks off during Amsterdam Art Week that turns the capital into an international hub for art lovers, collectors, art professionals and promising and renowned artists.

    For five days, you get to know the latest developments in contemporary art at the more than 50 participating galleries, project spaces, museums and residencies. They will present a varied programme of exhibitions, performances, screenings, lectures and artists' talks.

    The 11th edition of Amsterdam Art Week will take place from 31 May to 4 June 2023.

  • A big thank you to our main partner Ammodo, Chateau Amsterdam, CoffeeClick, De Gijselaar-Hintzenfonds, Fonds 21, Jajem, Gravin van Bylandt Stichting, Hinderrust Fonds, Squaredcircle, Stokroos and Oedipus Brewing for making the Open Studios possible.

  • Our house rules apply to all visitors to the Rijksakademie during Open Studios.

    The Rijksakademie wants to be a safe place for everyone, regardless of gender identity, sexual preference, origin or religion. We therefore do not accept sexual harassment, annoying behaviour, aggression, racism or discrimination.

    Visitors should be in possession of a valid admission ticket.

    Visitors should make themselves aware of additional public announcements in and around the building.

    On the grounds of the Rijksakademie it is not allowed to:

    • Smoking cigarettes or e-cigarettes inside the building,
    • Being under the influence of too much alcohol,
    • Possessing or using soft or hard drugs, or dealing in soft and hard drugs,
    • Possessing weapons, dangerous/sharp objects, nitrous oxide, or other objects or substances that may be a nuisance,
    • Committing theft or vandalism,
    • Use (professional) image or sound recording equipment for recordings for internet, radio and / or TV broadcasting purposes without prior permission,
    • Distributing flyers or other promotional material in and around the building without permission,
    • Taking glasses or bottles, with or without drinks, outside,
    • Bringing your own refreshments,
    • Bringing animals (with the exception of service animals).

    If the visitor violates the house rules and/or instructions of the Rijksakademie team in any way, the visitor may be denied (further) access to the Rijksakademie building, without the visitor being entitled to a refund of any fee.

    We ask you to be considerate of our neighbours when entering and leaving our building.

    We may in some cases make visual and/or sound recordings of our programmes and their visitors. When visiting the Rijksakademie, you grant us permission to make and distribute these recordings and waive portrait rights, without any compensation being due to us.

    We are only liable for damage (including loss and theft) or inflicted injury if this is a direct consequence of gross negligence on the part of the Rijksakademie and/or its team.

    The Rijksakademie is never liable for damage suffered as a result of force majeure on the part of the Rijksakademie.

    Any damage incurred will be recovered from the person responsible.

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