Rijksakademie Tech Fellowship Programme


Do you have the ambition as an artist or designer to further develop your technical skills? Do you like to work in a technical workshop and help other artists? Would you like to do your own research in the field of technique, material or craftsmanship? Are you interested in researching sustainable working methods? Do you live and work in the Netherlands?

In 2022, the Rijksakademie launched a trainee/research programme for young and mid-career artists/makers to further develop their skills in craft, material and technique: the Tech Fellowship Programme. Every year three tech fellows are selected.

The tech fellow is a trainee/researcher, and follows a learning path in the workshop to become a technical specialist. They work on artist projects, material experiments, cross-over projects and knowledge transfer within a master-apprentice construction. In addition, the tech fellow conducts research into materials or technology in the workshop(s), and makes a report.

The programme consists of two parts.
1. Learning in the workshops (2 days a week)
2. Research (2 days a week)

The next, third edition of the programme, will run from January to December 2024.

Three tech fellowships are available in the workshops:

At the Rijksakademie artists often work in an interdisciplinary way. It is possible to do research in several workshops during the year.

Learning in the workshop

As a tech fellow, you will work with your mentor, the workshop's technical specialist, and learn how to advise artists on craft, technique or materials and how to run a technical workshop.

Your research

You have the ambition to do research to increase your knowledge of materials and/or crafts and/or technology, and the desire to contribute to the work of others and the intended added value for the technical field. An important part of your research is a focus on sustainable working in the workshops. We aim to work with non-toxic and biodegradable products.

Who are we looking for?

Young and mid-career artists with advanced knowledge of and interest in expanding their skills in crafts, materials and/or techniques can apply. You have an independent, curious working attitude. You derive pleasure from collaborating with others and sharing knowledge and can work in an international community.

You are available 4 days a week during the period, living in the Netherlands and registered as self-employed. You accept and respect the residents and colleagues, taking into account personal or cultural differences.

What do we offer?

  • A trainee/research programme in the workshops
  • Personal guidance and coaching by the mentor and the coordinator of the Tech Fellowship Programme
  • Possibility to attend workshops, lectures, seminars relevant to the development of the discipline
  • Exchange with other institutions/workshops
  • Shared office with the other tech fellows
  • A compensation of € 22,000 for twelve months on an invoicing basis

Individual learning goals and objectives are determined in consultation at the beginning of the programme.


If you would like to be considered for a tech fellowship, please apply by filling in this form.

The deadline for applications is 15 August 2023.

Interviews will take place at the Rijksakademie on 4, 5 and 6 September 2023. The programme will start in January 2024.

More information about the previous and current tech fellows you can find here.


For questions about the Tech Fellowship Programme, please contact Annelie Musters.

The Tech Fellowship Programme is made possible by Stichting Gieskes-Strijbis Fonds, Rabobank Nederland and Stichting Van Achterbergh – Domhof.