The Informals II, 2021, performance, preview at Rijksakademie Open Studios

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  1. 12/7/2021

The Informals II, 2021

Addressing the idea of single narrative truth, the improvised documentary performance explores the lives and stories of Brighton’s youths. In a time when the political climate is not representative of them, they use their music culture to challenge stigmas, such as music inciting to violence, and stereotypes and to reclaim public spaces, focussing on community and wellbeing. The work is assembled live on stage, where Andreas Kühne is composing the sound score, adding dialogue while Polina Medvedeva edits the separate clips into scenes, highlighting different narratives with every performance, endlessly reshaping the documentary.

In collaboration with Andreas Kühne
25 mins, 2021, Preview.
To premiere on July 15 as part of Brighton Festival, UK

The Informals II is a new commission by Lighthouse and Brighton Festival, with support from Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, Mondriaan Fund and Creative Industries Fund NL. The Informals was originally commissioned by Sonic Acts and Inverse Festival, Murmansk. Thanks to AudioActive for introductions and supporting the artists to align this project with the talent across the city.