The Rijksakademie offers a two-year international residency programme to around fifty artists that provides space for research, experiment and production of new work. Residents are supported with a studio, a work budget and a stipend and can seek advice from leading art professionals from a wide variety of cultural and creative backgrounds. In addition there is a rich research and production infrastructure, consisting of various technical workshops operated by specialists, a library and a historical and contemporary art collection. Within the interdisciplinary environment of the Rijkskademie there is complete freedom in research and working methods.


The technical workshops at the Rijksakademie have been a site of innovation and experimentation for decades. Led by specialists who work closely together with the residents, the workshops facilitate the exchange of expertise and create the possibility of interdisciplinary projects involving both new and traditional materials and techniques.


In addition to the technical workshops, the Rijksakademie provides the residents with a number of other practical facilities such as several project spaces, a performance studio, a kitchen and a vegetable garden.


The wood workshop pairs traditional techniques with modern-day technological developments. Equipped with power machines for all practices that occur in woodworking, the Wood workshop offers mounting tables, (electric) hand tools, air pressure tools, laser cutters, and a CNC milling machine. There are also opportunities for plastic cutting.

Technical specialists

Roger Cremers
Seamus Cater
Monique de Wilt (CNC, lasercutter)

List of equipment
Horizontal belt sanding machine with oscillating round sander1000 x 200mm
Wall saw3050 x 1850 x 40mm
Spindle moulder6 cm2 in one go
Planer thicknesser400 wide, 210 high
Mitre saw85 x 300mm
Table sawuntil 90mm height
saw machine350mm
Wood lathe with manual copying device1500 x 440mm
Drill press30mm, MK3
Mortising machine
Mitre punch, adjustable angle
C02 laser cutting and engraving machine for wood, leather, textiles and plastics1500 x 900mm
3-axis CNC milling machine2500 x 1700 x 210mm

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