In the ceramic workshop, residents can work autonomously to execute a design in ceramics or find out what the material could mean in their practice. The available expertise supports both pragmatic solutions and in-depth investigation, in various materials and sizes up to two metres high. Pieces can be finished with a wide range of glazes. The workshop also offers facilities and outside collaborations to experiment with glass. 

Technical specialist

Marianne Peijnenburg

  • DescriptionSpecifications
    Clay mixer70 – 150 kg
    Vacuum extruderMax. diameter solid 11 cm
    Max. diameter hollow9 cm
    Hand extruder
    Slab rollerMax. 70 x 130 cm
    Throwing wheel
    Jigger and jolly machine
    Spray boothMax. 85 x 110 x 110 cm
    HoistMax. 500 kg
    Electric StackerMax 900 kg
    ForkliftMax 1000 kg
  • KilnsMaximum size of workW x D x HMaximum temperature
    Test kiln - electric15 liter20 x 30 x 9 cm1280 °C
    Electric kiln140 liter31 x 42 x 64 cm1200 °C
    Electric kiln300 liter40 x 60 x 75 cm1280 °C
    Electric kiln580 liter60 x 60 x 110 cm1280 °C
    Gas kiln2500 liter90 x 90 x 220 cm1260 °C


The Rijksakademie is a two-year residency programme that annually offers 50 artists space for research, experimentation and for the production of new work.

Residents are supported with a studio, a work budget and a stipend and can seek advice from leading art professionals from a wide variety of cultural and creative backgrounds. In addition there is a rich research and production infrastructure, consisting of various technical workshops operated by specialists, a library and a historical and contemporary art collection.

Within the interdisciplinary environment of the Rijksakademie there is complete freedom in research and working methods.