In the paint workshop residents are advised on the use of synthetic resins, the development of surface structures, conservation methods and much more. Experimentation with various techniques, old and new, is a very important aspect. There is a dust-free spray cabin and a space to stretch very large format canvases.

Technical specialist

Arend Nijkamp

    • Small shop is available for paint, brushes, tape, canvas, etc.
    • Car repair system with a color computer for water-based coating and 2-component systems.
    • Professional spray booth that can be heated until 60’C
    • Vacuum forming table with a heating facility to form plastic sheets
    • Milling equipment to produce your own paint
    • Large windows from 3m x 5m to stretch and treat canvas
    • All paint and resins are available, from working with old fashion Egg tempera until modern component systems, spraying, pouring, brushing.


The Rijksakademie offers a two-year international residency programme to around fifty artists that provides space for research, experiment and production of new work.

Residents are supported with a studio, a work budget and a stipend and can seek advice from leading art professionals from a wide variety of cultural and creative backgrounds. In addition there is a rich research and production infrastructure, consisting of various technical workshops operated by specialists, a library and a historical and contemporary art collection.

Within the interdisciplinary environment of the Rijksakademie there is complete freedom in research and working methods.