Cihad Caner

TR, 1990
  • resident
    • 2021 – 2023

Cihad Caner (b. 1990) questions mainstream image-making methods and the dialogues they generate for (and around) socio-political subjects. His practice explores the politics of the image through the media of video, photography, music, motion capture, and CGI. In every work Caner intends to create alternative forms of expression in his subjects through an intensive research-based practice, directly challenging the linear, one-sided narratives we are fed by popular media. He combines historical and contemporary references to confront issues related to (re)presentation, language, marginalisation, alterity, the process of image production, and circulation. Cihad’s fictional characters are often multilingual protagonists in nonlinear, metaphorical narratives that employ humour, absurdity, and poetry to critique the status quo.

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