Taylor Le Melle

  • guest resident
    • 2023 – 2024

Taylor Le Melle: 

…works as a curator (“of sorts”) and certainly as a writer of ante-modern and anti-modern criticism; off-kilter catalogue essays and fiction of the artistic sub-genre type; as an editor and publisher of several collections of science fantasy, theory and poetry; as a researcher into plants, property and physical experience — bodies, the social kind with reluctance and the flesh kind with enthusiasm — cultivating perception and proprioception through self-experimentation. 

…is one of several co-directors of London based workers coop not/nowhere whose primary occupations are with building a just infrastructure for artistic practice  and with the circulation and distribution of 8mm and 16mm moving image formats. 

Previous presentations: Deviant Research Van Abbemuseum (cur. Y van der Heide, N Aikens), Sandberg Instituut Research Fellowship (org. F Dodzan/ A Groten), Amant Foundation, Residency Brooklyn, US (cur. J Berrios), Text Exercises at FELIX GUADLITZ, Vienna, AT (cur. R. Birkett), Wysing Arts Centre Cambridgeshire, UK (cur. A Sandhu)

Recent Essays in: Anthea Hamilton’s Mash Up, Otobong Nkanga’s 'Unearthed', Renee Green’s 'Inevitable Distances'. 

Reviews online for tangents.art
Writing workshops at not-nowhere.org

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