Tewa Barnosa

LY, 1998
  • resident
    • 2021 – 2023

Tewa Barnosa (b. 1998) is a Tripoli-born artist and cultural producer whose conceptual approach is both curiosity- and research-based, emerging from the polar extremes evident throughout the world today. Influenced by cyber-punk, civil war, religious rituals, and indigenous mythologies, she observes and creates surreal narratives of contradiction, extremity, and the in-between.

Barnosa’s work consists of audio-visual installations, sound sculptures, electronics, design, and expanded paintings that gather calligraphy and writing forms emerging from her poetry practice. She is driven by the adventure of exploring languages both ancient and current. What’s written will surely remain, codified by history, but Barnosa is attempting instead to create a futuristic heritage that might reveal radically other possibilities. 

In 2015, she founded WaraQ, an independent non-profit organisation in Tripoli, despite the ongoing civil war and western interventions in Libya. WaraQ is one of the country’s leading non-institutional artistic spaces, a laboratory for the production, publication, and curation of works by artists, creators, researchers and curious minds from North Africa and beyond.

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