Education from Below

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From 2019-2022 the Rijksakademie, the MACBA in Barcelona and curators collective WHW in Zagreb, joined forces in Education from Below, an extensive collaborative programme which explores art as a place for dialogue, collective learning and imagination.

As practitioners that all work with artists, artistic development and critical culture, we wish to create a shared space through which we can exchange thoughts, practices and methodologies and create environments in which artist and thinkers can develop new projects from the ground up. Education from Below seeks to resignify the notion of “education” by collectively reimagining ways of organising, creating and exchanging knowledge both in artistic as well as institutional practices.

The project and all related activities and thinking processes resulted in a joined publication: ‘Artistic Ecolgies, New Compasses and Tools’, published by WHW and Sternberg Press.

Education from Below is supported by European Commission’s Creative Europe programme.

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'Culinary BOOST' a series of cooking classes initiated by artist and Rijksakademie alumnus Donghwan Kam

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