Charl Landvreugd

Notes on Osmosa: Imagining Spaces

How can we think about the complexities of the global in the local, and questions of migration? On Thursday February 20, artist and researcher Charl Landvreugd will reflect on these questions through his artistic practice, his research and thoughts about future language.

Following Landvreugd’s talk, Annet Zondervan will host a Q&A.

Charl Landvreugd is an artist and researcher who grew up in Rotterdam in an environment and time when many different migrant communities were making the Netherlands their home. Being part of this vibrant space, he advocates for local continental European concepts and language coming out of these spaces, that have the potential to speak about the sensibilities specific to the area.

Using a broad range of artistic disciplines, he applies the results of his research to think about citizenship and belonging and how this is expressed in the visual arts in continental Europe. He recently completed his PhD in Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art in London. His solo exhibition Ososma, at CBK Zuid Oost was based on Tembe, the collective term for wood carving and painting by Maroons in the inland of Suriname. The Tembe became the carrier for (new and existing) works by the artist, elaborating on the central theme in Landvreugd’s work: a reflection on cultural hybridity as a basic principle of the 21st century.

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