Ayşen Kaptanoğlu

TR, 1985
  • resident
    • 2022 – 2023

Artist statement

In my works; my memories, experiences and emotions pour onto the canvas in an array of imaginary figures and dream-like spaces, inspired by everything that surrounds me. What results is an archive of myself; a jamboree of pain, pleasure and nostalgia that is as personal as it is political. I try not to limit myself to any subject when I paint, but themes that are predominant in my thoughts and emotions, such as the place of women in the violent chaos of a male-dominant society; loss; alienation; oppression of silenced groups, inevitably keep rising to the surface of my consciousness and make their way onto the stage time and again. While this stage looks colourful, vibrant, even romantic at first glance, the narratives that are being played out on it are usually of a heavy story beneath the surface.

Open Archive


The wild Cat in the Living room, 2021, acrylic on wood, 60x80 cm

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