June 2–4 & 8–11

Jacky Connolly

US, 1990
  • resident
    • 2021 – 2023

Jacky Connolly is an American artist and filmmaker who is known for her desktop-based cinematic works. Connolly’s animations often examine personal trauma, childhood, and alienation as it relates to the built environment.

Winter in the Mineral Kingdom (2023)

(Low-thyroid cinema. A sketch for winter, and the setting for a future film world)

Life plays with the mineral in the crystallization process. Roots, fungi, and subterranean life of all types may impede mineral formation by taking a few hydrogen atoms here, or a carbon atom there. This is how the ice flowers on winter windows get their shape. Some say that in this play with life, minerals draw pictures, choosing a pixel of hydrogen here, or a smudge of carbon there, and through these drawings, humans can communicate with minerals.

There is a mineral consciousness — it has no sense of self, and instead, mineral consciousness is formed according to information it receives from its surroundings. The mineral consciousness is an incredibly far-reaching deep trance consciousness, a true universal all-consciousness, through which the mineral becomes a silent confidant of the living happenings in the whole cosmos, right into the deepest depths of the universe.

The audio composition was created in collaboration with Forrest Muelrath.

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