Zauri Matikashvili

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    • 2022 – 2023

Artist statement

With my films and performances I ask how the everyday life of people who are strangers to me is connected with culture and politics. I want to know how societies function in detail – or fail to do so.
I am particularly interested in the question of how people appropriate or refuse national myths. Besides, I focus on people who hardly receive any attention, even though they live and work in very prominent places. With a view to the art business, for example, I have dedicated films and performances to museum guards and cleaning staff.

I use as little technology as possible and take over all tasks myself (conception, direction, camera, sound) in order to keep the distance to the filmed people as small as possible. Furthermore, it is important to me to vary and question my role as a performer and filmmaker. I am fascinated by the incalculable and surprising moments in my encounters with people, which I enhance with performative elements. Accordingly, my activity fluctuates between observing, witnessing, (medial) creation and deliberate provocation. In this way I aim to develop very personal dramaturgical models and to purposefully expand the boundaries of the medium film.

Open Archive

filmstill On this side of the track_2020.jpg

On this side of the track, [31:20 min], 2020, film stills, Roma and Romnja talk about living in Dortmund’s northern city. They tell of their traditions and of their experiences with racist prejudice and discrimination. The camera follows their perspectives, showing the facades and peering behind them. In which ways do the spatial structure of the district, the architecture and individual living influence each other? How do the residents furnish themselves in their neighbourhood? How do they want it? And do they finally succeed in shaping their environment according to their own needs?

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