Zauri Matikashvili

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    • 2022 – 2024

In my recent works I trace the relations between growing, becoming and passing away, that are often hidden beneath the surface. Therefore, I combine video installations with objects made of ceramics, porcelain, wax and metal as well as found objects from nature. Besides, I experimentally coat ceramics with earth, metals or dust instead of simply glazing them.

With films and performances I also ask how the everyday life of people who are strangers to me is connected with culture and politics. I want to know how societies function in detail – or fail to do so. I often focus on people who hardly receive any attention, even though they live and work in very prominent places. With a view to the art business, for example, I have dedicated films and performances to museum guards and cleaning staff.

Moreover, I am particularly interested in the question of how people appropriate or refuse national myths. When I’m filming, I use as little technology as possible and take over all tasks myself (conception, direction, camera, sound) in order to keep the distance to the filmed people as small as possible. It is important to me to vary and question my role as a performer and filmmaker. I am fascinated by the incalculable and surprising moments in my encounters with people, which I enhance with performative elements. Accordingly, my activity fluctuates between observing, witnessing, (medial) creation and deliberate provocation. In this way I aim to develop very personal dramaturgical models and to purposefully expand the boundaries of the medium film.

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Filmstill Corona Rebels_2020.jpg
Corona Rebels, [48:28 min], 2020, film stills, Since spring 2020, more and more people with different political backgrounds have been demonstrating every week against the official sanctions to contain the coronavirus pandemic. The “Corona Rebels”, for example, consider themselves defenders of civil liberty and reject masks and compulsory vaccinations. Instead, they trust in the healing powers of nature and alternative medicine. As a form of protest they use meditation, which they see as an alternative to escalation. From the very beginning, not only esoterics and fans of Jesus, Gandhi and Mandela have been present at their rallies, but also conspiracy ideologists and right-wing extremists. The German imperial war flag is waving beside the rainbow flag; hippies in colourful robes dance barefoot next to black dressed neo-Nazis. What does concern for oneself, freedom and social responsibility mean to them? What unites them, what drives them, how do they organise themselves? Who are they allying themselves with? How democratic are they, what kind of political system do they want? And what role do QAnon and the “Reichsbürger” movement play?

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