As the main partner of the Rijksakademie, Ammodo supports various aspects of the two-year residency that offers participating artists optimal conditions to develop their practice.


Within the residency, Ammodo provides funding for lectures and debates, an alumni network, and the substantive guidance of residents by external (guest) advisors from various fields. Ammodo also contributes to the work budget of the residents, enabling valuable and challenging projects. Finally, Ammodo supports the annual Open Studios: the moment when residents open their studio doors to exhibit their work to a wide audience.

"The Rijksakademie is internationally significant for the development of talent in the visual arts. The opportunities and freedom that residents from all over the world get here to experiment are of immense relevance to the artists and the arts sector in general." – Juliette de Wijkerslooth, director Ammodo

Long-term Partnership

Since 2012, Ammodo has contributed to various activities of the Rijksakademie. Ammodo supported, among others, the Guest Advisors Circle (2012–2018), the Technical Advisors Circle (2017–2019), and the Rijksakademie Exchange (2019–2021). In 2022, Ammodo committed to being the main partner of the Rijksakademie until 2026, providing structural support for the residents and the Open Studios.

"The multi-year commitment of Ammodo enables us to offer the residents not only high-quality facilities and workspaces but also additional support, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities through side programming and involving guest advisors and alumni." – Emily Pethick, director Rijksakademie

About Ammodo

Ammodo supports the development of arts, architecture and science by contributing to innovative projects in arts, projects in social and ecological architecture, and cutting-edge scientific research. Ammodo also produces documentaries to increase the visibility of pioneers in their fields.

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Would Mondriaan have become Mondriaan without his stay at the Rijksakademie? And what about Berlage, Breitner or Appel? For over 150 years, the Rijksakademie has played an essential role in the career development of artists who, to this day, enrich our lives and societies. Join us in supporting a new generation of artists and contribute to our future heritage.

Every contribution counts. You can either donate any amount that suits you, or join our Circle of Friends by opting for a more structural contribution. Another possibility is supporting an artist with a Fellowship or one of our special programmes or activities directly. We warmly welcome wills and bequests and also launched a special artists-for-artists initiative.

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