Alexandra Hunts

NL/UA, 1990
  • resident
    • 2023 – 2024

Alexandra Hunts born in Ukraine on the verge of the Soviet Union's collapse and having later relocated to Europe, her identity reflects a distinct blend of East and West. The artistic exploration revolves around the often-overlooked facets of the transition from Soviet-style communism to a market economy, with a particular emphasis on the economic dynamics between East and West, technology, and manual labor.

Central to the artist's work are craftsmanship and science, where the roles of artist and scientist intertwine in a shared quest for understanding. Each project commences with meticulous research, weaving together narratives from social, historical, scientific, and political realms.

Sustaining ongoing dialogues with scientists, the artist integrates her processes and ideas into the work across various mediums. The objective is to challenge hierarchies between immaterial and material labor and to interrogate notions of legitimate and illegitimate knowledge. Hunts weaves threads of Soviet ideology, principles of physics, and industrial sensibilities into each of her projects, addressing profound questions of meaning, time, and boundaries—all deeply rooted in personal heritage.

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