Eunsae Lee

KR, 1987
  • resident
    • 2023 – 2024

Looking at Eunsae Lee's paintings is looking at our contemporary society through a morphing and vibrant mirror. Behind the soft curves and colorful brush strokes lies boredom, anger, or guilt, emotions she uses to fuel her creative energy and to produce artworks that either depict or rebel against sources of frustration and discontent. Lee's early works already bared her signature energetic colorful brush strokes. But contrarily to her current pieces, they were almost abstract. She used to pick up scenes from the media and depict them in a fragmented way, detached from their context. She zoomed in, and deleted characters or backgrounds, emphasizing emotions rather than figuration. Lee´s more recent work takes a different turn but remains a relevant reflection of our time.

Open Archive

Mite life 1, oil on canvas, 218.2x290.9cm, 2023.jpg
Mite life 1, 2023, oil on canvas, 218.2x290.9 cm

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