Rossella Nisio

IT, 1980
  • resident
    • 2021 – 2023

I am a visual artist working with still and moving images, and consider my works as hybrids combining aspirations derived from diverse influences and languages. Among those, filmmaking and photography occupy a prominent place; books and the written word are another crucial reference.

Ever since I started creating images, I wanted to tell stories through them, and this desire stayed with me over the years. This exploration of narrative possibilities connects with my interest in memory (whether real or surrogate), imagination and space, and the fluid relations among these.

I see myself as a humanist, even if my work does not always directly portray people. Most of my works are related to human environments and the imprints left behind by human presence. My research path explores both individual and collective histories and myths, their hidden social and political undertones, and the implications for what being human entails. I believe that my work expresses a certain faith in the possibilities of the individual, but is also aware of the surrounding darkness.

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