Statement regarding the NRC article published October 31 about former Rijksakademie resident Julian Andeweg

The Rijksakademie is extremely shocked and troubled by the NRC article, published October 31 on alumnus Julian Andeweg, who was an artist in residence in 2015–2016. It reports on an extensive number of accounts of violent and harmful actions, including very serious allegations of sexual harassment and rape.

We offer our respect and compassion to anyone who has been a victim of the artist.

The reported behaviour goes against the fundamental values and principles of community that we uphold at the Rijksakademie, where we do not tolerate any form of harm towards others.

No cases of sexual harassment or rape were reported to the team during Andeweg’s time at the Rijksakademie, and there were no known indications that there was a history of this behaviour. We are taking action to research if there were cases that were unreported during this time, and will do our utmost to support anyone who was affected, as well as future investigations.

We are taking this matter very seriously, particularly in relation to the duty of care and responsibility we have to ensure the safety of all of our residents, members of our team, alumni and anyone else connected with or visiting the Rijksakademie. We are reviewing all of our safety measures, next to our code of conduct and fair practice, so that we can ensure that we offer the utmost safety, care and support to our community.

Directors' team Rijksakademie
Emily Pethick
Martijntje Hallmann
Susan Gloudemans