We are looking for two new members for our Supervisory Board

The Rijksakademie is a foundation and has a Supervisory Board (‘the SB’) with the responsibility to supervise the policy pursued by the Managing Director, the Management Board’s performance of its managerial duties and the company’s general course of affairs, taking account of the interests of all the foundation’s stakeholders. In that, the SB advises the general director, brings in expertise, knowledge and network where necessary, approves the strategy and the policies, all major investments, budget and financial statements, appoints the Management Board and ensures that the academy meets all its obligations under Dutch law. The Board meets at least four times a year.

Currently, the SB of the Rijksakademie consists of seven members; experienced professionals with proven record and reputation, passion for development of talent in art & culture, relevant international networks and necessary qualities and competencies for strategic planning.

Due to the end of term of the board of two members, we are looking for two new candidates, two high-level discussion partners who can contribute to the further development of the Rijksakademie and bring fresh perspectives. We are specifically looking for:

  • A member with an established business/entrepreneurial background and a proven involvement in (the development of) art and artists;

  • A member who is a renowned artist with a high level of conceptual and inclusive thinking towards the development of their field.

For further information and more details: ngl-international.com/rijksakademie