New collaboration with Hong Foundation

Fellowship support for Taiwanese Rijksakademie residents

We are excited to announce the new long-term partnership between Hong Foundation and the Rijksakademie.

Since its founding in 1971, Hong Foundation has been investing in promoting education and fostering culture in the fields of literature, history, philosophy and music. It has established the iconic 'Shu Ping Shu Mu Review of Books and Bibliography', the Hong Foundation Audiovisual Library, the Cultural For Business Academy and the Minlong Forum, leading the way in cultural and educational innovation. After 2000, the foundation broadened its scope to contemporary art. Through commissions and direct sponsorships, the foundation provides sponsorship programmes of varying scales to artists at different stages of their careers.

With this partnership, the Rijksakademie aims to reach and encourage more Taiwanese artists to apply for the annual Call for Applications, and in case of being selected to become part of our highly international, multi-disciplinary, experimental and critically engaged artist community. We are delighted to increase cultural exchange between our continents, and to keep on facilitating the conditions for artists worldwide to thrive.

The first Taiwanese Rijksakdemie resident to receive a Fellowship through the Hong Foundation collaboration is Hsu Che-Yu (resident in 2022-2024).