Jackie Karuti

KE, 1987
  • resident
    • 2023 – 2024

Karuti's work departs from drawing whereby the moving & projected image is considered & used as a way to generate thought. Her practice is founded on ideas around looking, image construction, knowledge production & the depths of possibility enabled by radical imagination.    

Her recent studio work presents a model for looking. It dives into a formalist exploration towards image construction through the dimensions, duration, volume & acoustics occupied in the projection, motion & weight of an image.

‘Looking at animals’ is used as a method to give form & structure to drawings developed from visits to the Amsterdam Zoo (ARTIS). The link between animal, machine, cinema and zoo architecture locates the zoo as a site of intervention whereby these cumulative glances & the repeated act of looking is understood as gathering evidence.

The animals are also viewed from a distance. Therefore, distance here is not only regarded as measurement but also to mean a record from the past & how one views any species as spectacle, exotic or alien.

This work in progress will be presented at the 2024 Rijksakademie open studios. It was preceded by the film program; The Journey of the Hyena convened at the Rijksakademie in April, 2024.

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