Irene de Craen

  • guest resident
    • 2020

Artist statement

During her guest residency Irene de Craen will focus on further developing the platform Errant Journal, with a specific focus on the 2nd issue titled ‘Slow Violence’.

Errant Journal is an international publication for cultural theory and practice aimed at bringing together diverse local perspectives on a global scale, and questioning the politics of knowledge and representation through language, art and other disciplines. The second issue of Errant Journal takes the notion of ‘slow violence’ as a starting point to complicate the aspects of violence and coloniality in relation to environmental concerns. This issue asks for whom this violence is slow and invisible, and looks at past and present voices that have systematically been ignored, denied and silenced in the climate change debate. Additionally, and in collaboration with Jonas Staal and Radha D’Souza, this issue addresses the calls for climate justice.

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