Takeshi Ikeda

JP, 1984
  • resident
    • 2016
    • 2020 – 2021

Artist statement

Takeshi Ikeda is inspired by experimental music (John Cage, Wandelweiser Group, etc.) and hardcore punk rock. These genres prove that music is more than just sound because they stress other elements as well, such as the listening and feeling audience. Moreover, the two types of music share the characteristic that they are structured and monotonous, even boring. Ikeda himself explores new ways to make compositions of boredom. For example, in the video installation ‘WEEKEND’, which includes sculptures of paper and artificial flowers in a near-future setting, the constant boredom of our current lives is reflected upon as a characteristic of this era. The world is currently in the process of gradual collapse, and it is this slow pace that his work calls our attention to. Boredom doesn’t only have negative connotations here. Instead, Ikeda considers it a significant quality of music and time. According to him, our life is not based on a series of exciting climaxes but rather on boring time. Listening to boring music invites us to think about that boring time, and learn to appreciate it more.


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