Ai Ozaki

JP, 1991
  • resident
    • 2022 – 2024

I am a visual artist who works with video, sound, photography, ceramics, text  and painting.

I investigate the ways that my body interacts with ‘the Other’. For me, ‘the Other’ does not only include people, but all living things, and even myself. I often notice that people do not understand each other, let alone know what birds are thinking, or how our own bodies function – we cannot control our own organs, for example. In my practice I am interested in imagining communication with these close yet so far incomprehensible beings and things.Based on these interests, I have been researching and producing works around the themes ‘sex’ and ‘eating’. 

The reason for addressing 'sex' and 'eating' is that everyone has a body, and also comes from my parents' job, pixelation to hide genital parts of pornographic videos in Japan. The people touching each other on screen were like animals. When I look at the behavior of animals and living things, it looks like a microcosm of life. That is very attractive to me and makes me feel like I'm in a big rhythm.

My work comes from life. Body, cooking, the dead insects on the balcony, the people who live with me, the talking with my friends, everything is able to piece of my work.

'Faint of Heart' at EENWERK gallery, Amsterdam

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