June 2–4 & 8–11

Juan Arturo García

MX, 1988
  • resident
    • 2021 – 2023

Juan Arturo García (b. Mexico, 1988), an artist hailing from Mexico City, is developing a research-based practice that explores accented ways of living, their biopolitical affordances, and tactics for their representation. His ongoing investigation delves into the correlations between the political, territorial, and linguistic implications of cosmopolitanism. Lately, he has been researching the production of scientific knowledge in Latin America throughout history, with a particular focus on how complex intertwinings of technical, cultural, mystical, and political desires have been deployed – and how to understand their consequences.

His work interconnects evidence, fiction, and speculation to explore the space between translation and its impossibility, with a special interest in the ways in which languages are materially, bureaucratically, and metaphorically a defining condition of access; in other words, the political implications of hyper-, mis-, and untranslatability.

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