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Noor Yusef Abed

PS/US, 1988
  • resident
    • 2022 – 2023

Artist statement

Through means of film and performance – and by combining forms of the staged (performative) and the ‘documentary’, I seek to establish a representational mode of documentary intertwined with aspects of the ‘magical’, the ‘mythical’, inspired by everyday life’s contradictions. My aim is to naturalize the mode of myth within established methods of representation, as something that is onto-logically necessary to society’s vision of everyday life. My work aims to decentralize images of fixity while at the same time foreground the gaps, silences and abscesses those fixed structures produce.

What role do aesthetics play in the performance of the ritual? And can we consider ‘performance’ a method of survival? I aim to examine performances of the community and social movements in relation to rituals of waiting, resistance, and mourning. My interest rests strongly in thinking of the role of collective rhythmic movement and the potential impact that shared feelings can evoke in creating and sustaining a community. It is a further exploration of the connection between the notion of ‘synchrony’ and social action. I examine movement as a staged action: What does the stage, any stage, take away from us? What does it contain that remains invisible? And can we examine movement as a sociopolitical form that is rooted with notions of survival and solidarity?

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  • Yours Truly_ lecture performance in collboration with Mark Lotfy- 2021, photo by Christian-Schuller.jpg
    • Yours Truly, 2021, lecture performance in collaboration with Mark Lotfy, 00:60:00. Photography by Christian Schuller
  • our songs .JPG
    • our songs were ready for all wars to come, 2021, super 8mm film, 35mm still photo from the shooting

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