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Shaun Motsi

GB/ZA, 1989
  • resident
    • 2022 – 2023

Artist statement

Through painting, video, installation and writing, my work considers the ways in which cultural narratives are constructed, inherited, appropriated over time and across geographies.

I am interested in how the abstract processes of worldmaking and knowledge production resonate with or contradict more concrete processes behind the production and distribution of contemporary cultural “artefacts”, such as artworks, design objects or consumer products.

I’m ultimately concerned with the effects that various modes of cultural production have on subjectivity, and the constantly shifting boundaries between subject and object or self and other.

Uit het Open Archief getagged met Shaun Motsi

  • Tell me we both matter, dont we.jpg
    • Tell Me, We Both Matter, Don’t We?, 2021, oil on linen over shaped stretcher, 180x160 cm
  • 9, Untitled (Chariot), 2017.jpg
    • Untitled (Chariot), 2017, piano, gourds, dressed mannequin, tools, dimensions variable

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