Zeynep Kayan

TR, 1986
  • resident
    • 2022 – 2024

I am interested in finding gestures that are connotative, restored behaviors, the action of invisible forces on the body through repetition in movement and sound. I am interested in the way things repeat, but never repeat in the same way. I am interested in the desire to repeat and to repeat to desire. I am interested in exhaustion. I am interested in how things alter daily and separate gradually, in rituals, in orchestra, in inertia and movement. I am interested in dressing and undressing continuously, in the place that the personal occupies. I am interested in simultaneous composition on several planes at once, in talking at the same time together with someone else, in patience and temporary sameness. I am interested in the dance that goes nowhere, in concentration and uninterrupted contradiction. I am interested in anagrams, in going back to add “new” to the “old”, going back to add “new”, going back to “add”, going back.

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