Arvo Leo in ARTIS

Film screening 'The Orchids / Had the Look of Flowers That Are Looked At'

Until October 17, the film 'The Orchids / Had the Look of Flowers That Are Looked At' by Rijksakademie alum Arvo Leo (RA 17/18) is continuously on view at de Stek in ARTIS. On September 23 and 24, ARTIS visitors are also welcome to take a look in Arvo Leo’s studio (Open ZOOdio) in the Salmhuisjes.

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Front garden Rijksakademie

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ARTISt in residence

The past year, Arvo Leo was ARTISt in residence and a guest in a studio at ARTIS. For over a decade his artist practice reflects on the relationship between people, animals and plants. During his one year residency at ARTIS, he deepened his knowledge of plants, created works on paper and laid out a flower meadow at the front of the Rijksakademie building, introducing many annual and perennial varieties with a particular interest in species that grow wild in the Netherlands. To fertilise the front garden he used excrements of giraffes from ARTIS.

Arvo Leo’s guest residency is part of the celebration of 150 years of the Rijksakademie and the renewed partnership with ARTIS.

Practical information

To visit the film screening or the Open ZOOdio, you need a ticket and time slot to the ARTIS park. Tickets for ARTIS can be purchased here.

Arvo Leo’s Studio is open on September 23 and 24 from 12 – 5 PM and is located in the Salmhuisjes at the back of the park.

'The Orchids / Had the Look of Flowers That Are Looked At' (17’, 2018) is continuously on view at de Stek until October 17. De Stek is located at the back of the park, in the same building as the butterfly pavilion. The room where Arvo's film is screened is itself well stocked with indoor plants.