New Residents

Rijksakademie selection 2022–2023

We are excited to share with you the 25 artists who will be in residence from September onwards:

Noor Yusef Abed
Timo Demollin
Vince Donders
Mandy Franca
Hsu Che-Yu
Katarina Jazbec
Kahee Jeong
Ayşen Kaptanoğlu
Zeynep Kayan
Susanne Khalil Yusef
Karel van Laere
Reyhan Lál
Benjamin Li
Fiona Lutjenhuis
Zauri Matikashvili
Shaun Motsi
Ai Ozaki
Natalia Papaeva
Amol K Patil
Peng Zuqiang
Moe Satt
Danae Tapia
Martin Toloku
Miloš Trakilović
Daniel Vorthuys

These artists have been chosen by our jury out of 1659 applications from 124 countries. Each year we look for artists who are at the right moment where a period in residence can help them to expand their horizons. We select artists who are experimental in their approaches, and who will make great use of what the Rijksakademie has to offer – the time, space, facilities, and critical dialogue with advisors, technical specialists, and peers. Together with the current first year residents, they will form an international, multi-disciplinary, experimental and critically engaged artist community.